Refinery and Petrochemical

Refineries and petrochemical

In the Refinery & Petrochemical industries, filtrate water, pure water, and ultrapure water of varying quality are used, depending on the product. Kurita provides a range of water demineralizers, such as filtration systems which use membranes and deionizers that combine RO (reverse osmosis) membrane water treatment chemicals, ion-exchange resins, and continuously regenerating-type deionizers.

Refineries and petrochemical plants are complex operations which demand a high level of competence from its water treating and process chemical suppliers. Understanding the plant operations and objectives are critical to reliable and efficient operations. Optimization of both water and process treatment programs is also important for ensuring plant safety and environmental compliance.

Kurita offers you precisely this security: with decades of experience, we advise and support you in the various fields of application. Take advantage of our know-how and our customer proximity.

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An example of the oil refining process in which a variety of water treatment chemicals are used.

Refinery and Petrochemical Products

(Note)The flow diagram above is an example. The water treatment flow and systems differ depending on the customers’ needs.