Becoming an Advanced Water and Environmental Management Company
As an advanced water and environmental management company, the Kurita Group will be a reliable partner and provide value and inspiration to its customers and society at large.

Water Treatment Systems

We produce water that is highly valued by users. In addition, we purify wastewater to the level at which it can be reused as clean water. Kurita provides optimum water treatment systems to produce the specific water quality required for a broad spectrum of different uses.

Water Treatment Chemicals

Kurita’s specialty chemicals contribute to the efficient and reliable operation in factories and facilities. Kurita works to ensure that customer’s equipment operates trouble-free and remain in optimum condition.

Study the properties of water, master them, and we will create an environment in which nature and man are in harmony.

Kurita America Inc. (KAI) was established in 1996 as the US subsidiary of KURITA WATER INDUSTRIES LTD. of Tokyo, Japan. KAI provides complete turn-key systems, maintenance services and water treatment chemicals capable of meeting the needs of the most stringent water treatment requirements in the US. The company provides a superior level of project management, design, quality components and service to establish customer satisfaction for both supplying of complete new systems and providing support services for existing systems. This ensures that the customer’s water treatment system operates at peak efficiency.

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Custom-Made Industry Solutions

All industries face the same challenge – to improve efficiency, regardless of the individual variances between industries.

Kurita’s technologies and know-how can play a critical role in accomplishing this key business objective.
Kurita can help improve your operating costs, increase your plant availability and enhance the safety of your employees and your plants. Furthermore, we can provide individual concepts and competent service for the water and process treatment of your plant, and actively support you with expert management.


In the Microelectronics industry, pure water and ultrapure water are used to clean silicon wafers and electronic components.

Food & Beverage

In the food & beverage industry, large quantities of filtrate water and pure water are used to prepare and cool products as well as clean containers.

General Manufacturing

In all industrial sectors, productivity and economic efficiency are the main factors for sustainable success.


Kurita has established itself as a highly competent partner for all questions concerning water and waste water management, as well as paint booth treatment programs.

Power Generation

Kurita offers patented technologies which can provide a scale-free operation of your cooling systems.


Drinking water, in particular, can go through cycles of scarcity as a result of rising demand and the diminished resources.

Refinery & Petrochemical

Refineries and petrochemical plants are complex operations which demand a high level of competence from its water treating and process chemical suppliers.

Primary Metals

Kurita is familiar with the entire steel production process from pig-iron to the finished product.

Commercial & Institutional

The commercial and institutional water treatment market remains challenged by high energy costs, high water consumption and increasingly stringent regulations.

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