Boiler Water Treatment

boiler water treatment


Kurita offers innovative boiler water treatment programs for a wide range of industries. We take into account the requirements and design of each system. Our programs are engineered to prevent scale on heat transfer surfaces and to minimize corrosion in the entire boiler system, including the preheat and deaerator section, boiler, steam and condensate systems.


Kurita manufactures our line of Cetamine® products to provide a comprehensive and patented technology for boiler treatment. Cetamine® also meets the requirements of special applications like kosher food production. The Cetamine product line is designed to provide the right product for many types of boiler systems. The product will be selected based on a number of factors such as feedwater quality, system pressures, process equipment, and condensate quality. Cetamine products are generally provided as a single drum product utilizing our film-forming amine technology.

If desired, Kurita also offers more traditional-type treatment programs. The products selected are based on the design of the treated system and customized to meet each of the specific customer requirements.


In addition to treating steam generation systems Kurita also offers a full line of products for closed hot water systems. This product line consists of traditional corrosion control products as well as our Cetamine technology. Your Kurita representative will be happy to work with you to determine the best treatment program to meet your system requirements.


Kurita’s innovative and patented Cetamine® technology is designed for complete protection of steam generators, hot water boilers, and closed systems. Cetamine is composed of film-forming amines which create a hydrophobic protective layer on the metal surface. This film, adsorbed on all metal surfaces in the system, provides a continuous barrier between water and metal effectively inhibiting corrosion without reducing heat transfer.

Cetamine programs are applied to low pressure fire tube boilers with variable feedwater quality, and medium to high pressure systems, both fire tube and water tube designs. The Cetamine product is formulated to prevent corrosion and deposits throughout the boiler, steam and condensate systems.

Cetamine is also used in high pressure systems such as heat recovery steam generators and other power generation applications as well as critical petrochemical applications such as transfer line exchangers in ethylene crackers.

The features of Kurita’s Cetamine technology are:
• Complete system protection by means of a hydrophobic protective film
• All organic treatment concept which minimizes the impact on boiler water conductivity
• Reduced corrosion especially in systems that experience frequent shut down and start up cycles
• Reduced water consumption and energy savings due to lower blowdown
• Improved heat transfer compared to conventional treatment programs
• Reduction of flow affected corrosion due to a more persistent protective film compared to conventional treatment
• Dosing based on system make up water volume which usually leads to significantly lower chemical consumption
• Significant savings in water and energy
• Specific products have FDA approval and Kosher certification

The Cetamine program is controlled by using an easily applied analytical method. The Cetamine concentration can be determined using a simple colormetric test kit or by a photometer method.