Cooling Water Treatment

cooling water treatment


Kurita offers a comprehensive line of products which prevent the formation of scale and fouling, provides corrosion protection and controls microbiological growth. The primary objective of all of Kurita cooling water treatment programs is to offer a comprehensive solution for the customer which maximizes the heat transfer of the system. Employing many of our unique technologies, your Kurita team will develop solutions which meet all performance requirements. We treat various types of open recirculating cooling systems such as industrial process cooling, evaporative condensers, HVAC systems, once-through, closed loops and others.


The three general categories of cooling water products are products designed to prevent corrosion, minimize scale formation and products to control microbiological growth in the cooling water system. There are other specialized products such as antifoams and bio-dispersants, as well.

Kurita is constantly developing new technologies to improve the performance of our treatment programs in each of these primary product categories, as well as the specialized products.


Closed cooling water systems are found in numerous industrial and institutional applications. This product line consists of traditional corrosion control products as well as our Cetamine technology, which has been applied very successfully as a replacement to traditional treatment, especially in difficult to treat systems. Your Kurita representative will be happy to work with you to determine the best treatment program to meet your system requirements.


Globally, Kurita continues to develop innovative and patented products and treatment programs which ensure the systems we treat are operating at maximum performance. Frequently regulatory or environmental requirements drive this development.

Throughout our specialized cooling water program we work with you at every step, including pretreatment options, treatment approaches, feed and control systems, water testing and the proper handling and storage of the treatment chemicals.

Every Kurita cooling water program is custom designed to meet your specific needs. These programs could feature some of the following technologies:

• Alkaline treatment programs
• Various biocides – both specialty and commodity
• Patented biofilm control formulations
• Closed systems formulations
• Complete line of dispersant technologies
• Combined scale and corrosion control formulations
• Online cleaning formulations
• Pre-operational cleaning and passivation formulations
• Lay-up programs- wet and dry
• Deformer formulations
• Pretreatment strategies
• Feed and injection control systems
• Monitoring systems with E-Link with 24/7 capabilities and electronic service reports

Kurita provides best in class cooling water solutions for industry with a highly experienced technical service team. There is a global support network designed to assist with unique technical requirements. Our goal is to provide superior performance and reliability for your cooling water systems.