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food and beverage water

In the food & beverage industry, large quantities of filtrate water and pure water are used to prepare and cool products as well as clean containers. Kurita Water Industries offers a range of products, such as filtration systems using membranes and deionizers, which combine RO (reverse osmosis) membrane water treatment chemicals, ion-exchange resins, and continuously regenerating-type deionizers. Kurita Water Industries also offers a number of wastewater treatment systems, including biochemical treatment systems that treat organic wastewater as well as wastewater reclamation systems that use RO (reverse osmosis) membrane water treatment chemicals.

The food and beverage industry is always under severe economic pressure. Finding more efficient production processes through new technology are therefore business critical.

By choosing Kurita concepts for your cooling water, boiler water and waste water plants as well as your reverse osmosis systems and autoclaves – all of which are specially adapted to your needs – you opt for economic and ecological treatment, leading to more productivity and cost-efficiency.

Naturally, we also deliver FDA and NSF approved treatment products.

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Food and Beverage Products

(Note)The flow diagram above is an example. The water treatment flow and systems differ depending on the customers’ needs.