Membrane Water Treatment

Membrane Water Treatment


Kurita has been a global leader in the field of treatment programs for RO systems for many years. From influent clarification and filtration through to the RO membranes, Kurita has a complete line of products to meet each system’s needs. Kurita also has a membrane rejuvenation treatment protocol for membranes that have been damaged by chlorination.

Various types of membrane units are found in throughout the water treatment industry, usually used in combination with other pretreatment processes. The most common systems we encounter are RO systems treating brackish or city water, sea water, or wastewater. Each type of water generally has some chemical treatment requirement in order to maintain the proper flow and water quality through the RO unit.


The key capabilities in the Kuriverter product line are the coagulants used in the pretreatment phase, the biofouling control agents and antiscalants used to maintain throughput, the cleaning products used during clean in place operations and the rejuvenation products (RC) for damaged membranes.

Kurita offers products for both industrial and potable water systems requiring NSF certification.


The product line for influent and wastewater clarification is comprised of various type of inorganic products, organic polymers and combination products which can meet the water quality requirements of any system.

Kurita also offers its unique S Sensing CS control equipment for systems in need of better control of chemical feed and performance.


Depending on the water source feeding the RO systems, there may be a need to utilize some type of antiscalant product to maintain throughput and efficiency of the RO.

These products are used to prevent scale formation and fouling of the membranes due to impurities in the water such as iron, manganese, various calcium compounds, silicates, and many others. These antiscalants are modelled for the systems and a recommendation is made as to the best product for the application and an optimal dosage. Once in use the dosage can be further optimized for the RO system.

The product line contains antiscalants with NSF certification.


Biofouling of the RO membranes can lead to loss of throughput and cause damage to the membranes over time. Kurita provides a number of biocide options which will minimize the biofouling of the membranes and help maintain throughput levels.

Globally Kurita offers a wide range of products used for controlling biofouling throughout the system. Your Kurita representative can help design a biocide program to meet the needs of your particular system.


Over time, even the best pretreatment program cannot prevent the need for a clean in place operation to restore membrane performance. Whether the fouling is from solids coming through the filtration system, biofilm deposits or metals and hardness, the membrane will need to be cleaned off line.