Pure Water Supply for Microelectronics

In the Microelectronics industry, pure water and ultrapure water are used to clean silicon wafers and electronic components. Kurita America offers a range of products such as Pretreatment Filtration, RO (reverse osmosis) including membrane treatment chemicals, Degasification, Ultrapure Water Deionizers and Ultrafiltration custom designed equipment, as well as functional water production systems. Kurita America also offers a number of wastewater treatment systems and wastewater reclamation systems that provide an optimal means for treating the organic and inorganic wastewater discharged during the various production processes.

Our economic treatment concepts for your cooling water, boiler water and waste water plants extend lifecycles and increase productivity. As specialists for ultrapure water and reverse osmosis we ensure water quality levels that meet the highest expectations.

Secure a competitive edge through intelligent water treatment with Kurita.
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An example of the liquid crystal manufacturing process using ultrapure water with a very high degree of purity.


(Note)The flow diagram above is an example. The water treatment flow and systems differ depending on the customers’ needs.