O&M Services

Operation & Maintenance

Utilizing our abundant expertise and technologies in this field, we provide operation and maintenance services and consumables for water treatment facilities that contribute to the safe operation and more efficient and economical maintenance of the facilities.
Operation & Maintenance contract options include …

Full O&M

Kurita can provide around-the-clock operating personnel to fully operate and maintain your ultrapure, reclamation and/or wastewater treatment systems.

With Kurita assuming full responsibility for operation and maintenance, you are assured of continuously meeting or exceeding your water/wastewater goals.

The contracts can include provisions for providing all consumables and replacement components as well as labor, or any combination that meets your needs and requirements. The result is a fixed-price contract that eliminates any unforeseen expenditures and allows you to plan your annual budgets with confidence.

Routine reports are provided to show that the systems are operated and maintained to the highest quality and reliability possible.

O&M Consultant

A Kurita staff member will complete routine physical inspections at your facility and review system performance to ensure design parameters are met and to anticipate any problems.

Our findings will be contained in a system audit report which can include recommendations for significant operational improvements with the potential cost savings including equipment maintenance, upgrades, and/or replacements.


Kurita provides an array of consumables from all leading manufacturers. As the growing demand for water with a higher level of purity continues, Kurita has the ability to provide consumable conditioning services. Our proprietary conditioning enables us to provide quality guarantees that exceed the manufactures. Additionally, on site rinsing prior to placing the consumables back into service is dramatically reduced.

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