Petrochemical Process Treatment

Petrochemical Process Treatment

Innovative programs for the petrochemical industry.

Our innovative treatment programs help to maximize performance, secure a failure-free operation of your plants and contribute to a considerable reduction of the total operating costs.

Understanding your needs, goals and objectives are of great importance for us and our qualified experts will work with you on-site in order to meet the planned targets.

Besides the continuous further development of the conventional corrosion, deposit and polymerization inhibitors, Kurita primarily focuses on the development of innovative solutions to problems, such as:

  • Highly effective demulsifier programs to break stable emulsion
  • Innovative antioxidants and antipolymerants for quench water columns and process water stripper systems
  • Scavengers for mercury removal and elimination of red-oil fouling at caustic wash towers
  • Eco-friendly cleaning and decontamination additives
  • More effective defoamers (antifoams) for amine systems and stripper columns

Based on our experience and with the help of our experts, we develop tailored solutions to meet your individual requirements. We gladly provide personal advice.