Refinery Process Treatment

refinery process treatment

Refinery Treatment Concepts

The petrochemical industry uses a range of products manufactured at Crude oil refineries. The suitable products that are made from crude oil include fuels, process oils, solvents, lubricants, waxes, bitumen, coke and other special products. Raw materials are processed in many types of downstream units to manufacture these products

The refining equipment can develop operational issues caused by crude oil impurities including metals and salts. Occupational safety in refineries can be impacted by unwanted corrosion and emulsion, including toxic gases and foam. Kurita provides custom-made treatment designs to improve operation safety. Total operating costs can be reduced by Kurita’s technologies and various product lines, which are based on many years of process treatment experience.

Following are a variety of products that Kurita can provide, custom-made to your needs:

  • Emulsion breakers
  • Antifoams / defoamers
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Patented ACF technology for online removal and prevention of ammonium salts
  • Fouling inhibitors and antioxidants
  • Scavenger programs (i.e. hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scavengers)
  • Scavengers
  • Fuel additives (i.e. diesel biocides)
  • Cleaning and decontamination additives

Kurita pays distinct attention to the development of advanced solutions, along with continuing enhancement of traditional product lines. Kurita’s products are utilized in crude oil distillations, vacuum units, FCC units, reformers, sour water strippers, delayed cokers, hydrotreaters, hydrocrackers, amine units and tank farms.

Kurita can meet your specific requirements and provide custom-made solutions. We can provide expert advice, with the support of our specialists, and our many years of experience.